Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructors

" With Marty's nutritional advice and individualized weight training program I added 10 lbs of solid muscle mass ... all natural, no hormones."
—Matt Reynolds, a  bartender

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This video below was not made to impress you but to impress upon you that I am fit to lead, therefore, I lead by example. I practice what I preached and I have dedicated my entire life to health and strength, a privilege I earned through effort, responsibility, self-respect, discipline, constant research, and ambition. 

"Marty is a passionate enthusiastic kettlebell instructor and trainer who brings a lot to the table. Marty's knowledge, vitality and professionalism are readily apparent. Anyone who works with Marty will quickly see what I'm talking about".

-Steve Maxwell, B.J.J. World Champion and first man to teach kettlebell classes in the U.S.

"The knowledge of one's strength entails a real mastery over oneself ; it breeds energy and courage, helps one over the most difficult tasks of life, and procures contentment and true enjoyment of living"
—George Hackenschmidt

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Marty’s business is based in the city of San Francisco. It is named MCbeyond fitness because Marty goes beyond the use of traditional methods to attain optimal Fitness for his clients. Therefore, kettlebells, Indian clubs, maces, and clubbells are some of the tools that fit Marty’s training approach. Marty is dedicated to studying, researching, and teaching innovations in functional strength training.

Marty employs old school methods using ancient techniques that have stood the test of time. These techniques were used by men who were truly strong and impressive physical specimens before performance-enhancing drugs existed. Marty is not limited to the use of kettlebells and club swinging as there are many other new and ancient tools that are effective.

Marty is a real-life athlete, a dedicated physical culturist, and has been working in the Health and Fitness Industry since 1993. Marty has been Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor (RKC) since 2006 ( the first kettlebell instructor in San Francisco )  a  Indian club instrutor certified specialist and a certified fitness Instructor by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) since 1994.

Whether you are a novice, an professional athlete or recreational athlete, Marty’s training approach accommodates all levels. If you are serious about re-claiming your health and vitality, this is what Marty stands for and can provide you with the guidance to achieve those goals.

Because no single approach contains all the answers, Marty’s natural talent embodies a unique and innovative style that enhances the ability and knowledge to create multicultural styles and art forms of training by applying the modality that is appropriate for a given goal and situation. Marty educates clients about quality calories, and cuts through the hype of supplements and provides in-depth information about what really works in the field of nutrition and the fat-loss industry.

Among so many strength coaches and fitness gurus out there, Marty feels truly grateful for having the opportunity to learn from a few of the top professionals in the industry. Marty's unparalleled straight forward teaching style delivers results not found at a typical commercial gym, without the use of non-functional static machines; all you will get from Marty is a good looking healthful body with real functional strength, a good time, and a lot of useful information.

A Note from Marty:

"If you are serious about what you are going after and if you believe you have the guts, the drive, and grim determination to achieve it, I’ll be happy to share with you a goldmine of INVALUABLE HARD TO FIND information to develop a chiseled physique with supreme functional strength and raw terrifying power. To develop physical excellence go MC Beyond Fitness."

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