Marty Covault is the right choice when it comes to simplicity, safety, tools, methods, and focus.

"A few years ago, I was a working mother of two very small children. I had little free time and disposable income but wanted desperately to do something for myself and my body and learn to become fit and healthy not just for a short time but for the rest of my life. I then went on a search to find the right trainer for me. I knew I wanted someone who would really, truly challenge me and keep my workouts interesting. Because Marty clearly met these requirements, my search ended abruptly after we met. For the first year or so, we worked out in a gym. In 2005, however, the nature of our training changed when Marty started training me with kettlebells. The switch to kettlebell training made our sessions even more intense and with better and faster results. Marty explained and practiced each new drill that he taught me until my form was good and designed difficult and varied workouts using the bell. He insisted that I focus my mind on the drills and taught me the mental and physical discipline required for working out in the true kettlebell hard style.

When it comes to fitness and overall body care and maintenance, Marty is a fountain of knowledge. I felt comfortable asking him many questions not just about kettlebells but also about nutrition and long term health. Marty's approach to working out is just one important part of making good health a way of life. Marty has a great deal of experience with all kinds of athletics and strength training and has chosen kettlebell training as a calling because he truly believes in its efficacy. In fact, Marty was the very first kettlebell instructor in San Francisco. I credit this to his ability to know what is best for overall body fitness and conditioning. This passion comes through when he works with his clients. He surely converted me.

After training with Marty using kettlebells, I left San Francisco for New Zealand in July 2007. Upon arriving in New Zealand, I tried to find kettlebell instructors in my new city but had no luck. I have continued to train with kettlebells on my own using the workouts Marty designed for me. The papers on which he wrote the workouts shows its wear because of their continued use in all conditions. Although I will never be able to replace him, his focus on safety, proper technique and concentration have ensured that I can continue training on my own safely and with continued results. Marty always talked about being "in your body," and now I know what that feels like and strive to never live any other way."

-Justine Bonner / Wellington, New Zealand

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