"Marty is a passionate enthusiastic kettlebell instructor and trainer who brings a lot to the table. Marty's knowledge, vitality and professionalism are readily apparent. Anyone who works with Marty will quickly see what I'm talking about. Thanks, Marty!"

-Steve Maxwell, B.J.J. World Champion and first man to teach kettlebell classes in the U.S.


"Thank you for your help in my preparation for the RKC Instructor Certification program. When we met I was training for the RKC Instructor Certification program and I was stuck on 44 reps in the Snatch test with the 24 kg KB. In one month following your advice I lost 10 pounds of fat and I was able to do the snatch test with no problems. In fact my left arm was my weaker arm and I did 30 reps with it before switching to my right arm. At the time I completed the 52 reps I felt that I could do at least 10 more reps. I was also able to complete a very intense 3 days program and at the end I became a Certified RKC Instructor. Thanks again"

-Ricardo A. Nieves, M.D., RKC II, CSCS
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist
Subspecialty Board Certification in Pain and Sports Medicine
Previous Member of the Puerto Rico National Judo Team
3rd Dan Black Belt Judo 


“I am a lawyer in San Francisco and regularly work a 60-hour week.  One of Marty’s best characteristics is the ability to design and fine tune a training program that fits my needs as well as relieving the mental tension I get from my job-related stress.  Marty designed a special training program for me that substantially increased my speed and jumping ability. Thanks to Marty’s strength and explosive power development training, at 5'11", I can easily grab the 10-foot basketball rim and my bench press strength had increased tremendously. I highly recommend Marty to anyone who is looking to improve their athletic performance in any arena.”

-Marcus Wu, San Francisco Attorney


“I have been training with Marty for 14 years and have real results to show for it! Marty is so good at recognizing what your body needs, and then coming up with unique training programs to provide maximum results. I started with a body weight of 135 and now am a solid 160, lean and very muscular. Marty brought kettlebell training into my routines just when I felt I had reached a plateau. Marty's knowledge and expertise with RKC training really bumped things up a notch for me! If you want to learn this unique and effective way of training, contact Marty and you will get the results only a real pro can provide.”

—Dane Whitaker, veterinarian


"The information in this seminar was really useful for my clients. I liked everything. So good for full body workout and strengthening the core. My attention is usually easily distracted. You kept it so interesting the whole time. I wanted to keep learning more. It was over three hours and it felt like an hour. Thanks you for your work."

Ace Morgan, Personal Trainer and former student from NPTI


Beyond Fitness, Beyond my Expectations!

"I am so glad I had the opportunity to take Marty's Kettlebell seminar for a second time. Marty is an amazing, inspirational and very knowledgeable instructor who doesn't just talk the talk, but definitely walks the walk! As a personal trainer, I bear the responsibility of seeking out the best training possible to use for myself as well as coach my clients. There are gazillions of trainers out there, but sadly, really good trainers are hard to come by. Unfortunately, there are many trainers out there who lack the experience and education needed to help people build a healthy, strong body without injuring them in the process. Marty is not one of those people. When it comes to safety, proper technique, and perfect execution of every movement to ensure the best results-Marty is number one. Marty has the skills, the strength, and the motivating qualities that makes for a perfect trainer. I can honestly say that Marty’s workshop was the best one I've ever taken. So good in fact, that I just had to take it twice! I feel that I gained so much from those workshops and I feel very confident in training my clients with Kettlebells. Now I'm hungry for more!"

- Stefanie Chaput, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor / San Carlos, CA 



"After recovering from esophagus cancer at the age of 80 I lost tremendous upper body strength and balance as well. Marty has designed for me a variety of exercises that have helped me to regain my strength and more balance. At first I couldn't stand on one leg for more than 10 seconds. Now, I am able to do up to 12 reps of single leg reaches. I thank my massage therapist for referring Marty to me. I am very much looking forward to working out with Marty every week so I am prepared for travelling around the world and do my favorite thing "bird watching".
—Gloria Mundt, Grandmama and Retireé


"I hired Marty with the goal of gaining muscle mass. My waist went from size 34 to 32 in just three months. With Marty's nutritional advice and individualized weight training program I added 10 lbs of solid muscle mass ... all natural, no hormones. Marty's knowledge and enthusiasm motivated me to maintain a healthy, good looking physique."
—Matt Reynolds, a bartender


"I have been working with Marty for 13 months. Marty helped me to lose body fat and my lovehandles are gone for good. My clothes fit me much looser now. One critical point to my success was the nutrition plan Marty provided. Marty went with me to the grocery store and directed me to the types/portion sizes of food and brands I needed to buy/eat.

Also, Marty creates different types of exercises that work with me. I learned that shorter and more focused workouts are more beneficial than spending more than an hour at the gym. Marty's interval training includes different exercises which challenges my body which is exactly what you need to see physical changes. If you are serious about making a change in your life and are willing to do what Marty asks, you will see results. I love the way that I feel now."

—Catherine Jeon, a fund accountant in finance


" I have been training with Marty for five years. As a dentist I am constantly bending forward over my patients. Marty's hands-on stretch techniques, flexibilty, and functional training have helped me with my work-related muscular imbalances. Marty is very knowledgeable and focuses intently on form."

—Pauline Demetrakopulos, D.D.S.


Marty has been my life saver. I have lost a total of 145 pounds through a special diet and Marty's exercise training approach. He is simply amazing and inspiring. He pays attention to details while you are exercising. I have totally changed inside and out. I have more energy and have more confidence than ever. Thanks Marty for your dedicated work.
—Angela Lakeman, Office Manager


I hired Marty in August 2005 and 8 weeks later my waist had gone from 40 inches to 35 3/4 inches. I went from 205 lbs to 189 lbs, and I lost 16 lbs of body fat (2 lbs of body fat per week) — as  promised.Marty's simple nutritional program and free weight resistive training applications are key to making anyone look and feel great. I must say I am really lucky to have chosen Marty as my personal trainer.
J. McDavid, an attorney


Marty Covault is the right choice when it comes to simplicity, safety, tools, methods, and focus.

"A few years ago, I was a working mother of two very small children. I had little free time and disposable income but wanted desperately to do something for myself and my body and learn to become fit and healthy not just for a short time but for the rest of my life. I then went on a search to find the right trainer for me. I knew I wanted someone who would really, truly challenge me and keep my workouts interesting. Because Marty clearly met these requirements, my search ended abruptly after we met. For the first year or so, we worked out in a gym. In 2005, however, the nature of our training changed when Marty started training me with kettlebells. The switch to kettlebell training made our sessions even more intense and with better and faster results. Marty explained and practiced each new drill that he taught me until my form was good and designed difficult and varied workouts using the bell. He insisted that I focus my mind on the drills and taught me the mental and physical discipline required for working out in the true kettlebell hard style.

When it comes to fitness and overall body care and maintenance, Marty is a fountain of knowledge. I felt comfortable asking him many questions not just about kettlebells but also about nutrition and long term health. Marty's approach to working out is just one important part of making good health a way of life. Marty has a great deal of experience with all kinds of athletics and strength training and has chosen kettlebell training as a calling because he truly believes in its efficacy. In fact, Marty was the very first kettlebell instructor in San Francisco. I credit this to his ability to know what is best for overall body fitness and conditioning. This passion comes through when he works with his clients. He surely converted me.

After training with Marty using kettlebells, I left San Francisco for New Zealand in July 2007. Upon arriving in New Zealand, I tried to find kettlebell instructors in my new city but had no luck. I have continued to train with kettlebells on my own using the workouts Marty designed for me. The papers on which he wrote the workouts shows its wear because of their continued use in all conditions. Although I will never be able to replace him, his focus on safety, proper technique and concentration have ensured that I can continue training on my own safely and with continued results. Marty always talked about being "in your body," and now I know what that feels like and strive to never live any other way."

-Justine Bonner / Wellington, New Zealand


Training with Marty is like being on roids x 10!

"I trained with Marty back in the days before Marty began training with kettlebells. After going through a loss of a love one (my partner) I got very depressed and as a result, I lost a lot of muscle weight. After a while, it so happen I ran into Marty at the gym. Because I loved Marty's quality work, I decided to get back to training with Marty again.

I must say that training with Marty is very non-traditional. I had a trainer in the past who trained me with split body parts and I only saw descent results; but with Marty is like being on roids x 10. We train the whole body as a single unit, we use all-round tension for maximum force, power breathing techniques etc. The training tools were a pair of kettlebells, a pull up bar, a rope, and a pair of akrowheels- that was all! The training is imple, intense but definitely effective. My physical changes increased my confidence, and WOW the compliments and the attention became never ending.

No doubt, every bucket of sweat was worth my investment, and best of all my de-sissification.  

Thank you Marty for making me a manly man. I am for ever indebted!" 

-Pablo Parra, San Francisco Esthetician

"This seminar was very informative, fun and incorporated a good workout. This was very useful for an introduction. All movements were observed and corrected when necessary. The most useful information was the concept of "linkage vs leakage". This is translatable into so many other areas, but especially shoulder work. Marty is an excellent instructor. Thorough, tough but encouraging. Kettlebells are a fantastic way to mix aerobic, anaerobic, mobility and strength all into a great workout. Everyone should try it." 

-Dawn Gravely, NPTI student.


"I like how precise Marty was with technique, safety, and step by step movements. As a personal trainer, I find the concepts very useful to incorporate in other forms of fitness training styles or to do a combination of styles. I find Marty very entertaining and very educational in her methods, reasons and techniques. You make the program infectious." 

-Socheat Chaw, Personal Trainer and former student from NPTI 


"Very useful and informative. Detail oriented. I find the concepts of kettlebell training beneficial for fat loss programs- As a trainer I can incorporate these methods as a nice transition for a client to get the heart rate up in place of interval. Marty is very passionate about teaching proper kettlebell training and benefits. I am exited to learn more." 

-Susan Earle. Personal Trainer


"Great teaching skills. Very informative. Step by step instructions and attention to detail. I will use the foundations that I have learned." 

-Kristina Shubert, Personal Trainer 


This information was very useful in learning proper technique, safety, and form. I loved all of it. I can't ask for more from a beginner seminar class. 

Thanks Marty, 
Logan Beal, Personal Trainer 


Thought it was awesome and so much fun! Adding to their workout and mine. The seminar was so informative. I loved the focus on safety and proper form. I feel like I really got some of the fundamentals to build upon. 
Caroline Brashing, Personal Trainer


I liked how thoroughly you went over the moves. This seminar was very informative and fun. 
David Marsh, Personal Trainer 


Marty is a very precise instructor-the best was the very precise explanation of all movements. I like the concept of very simple methods done correctly can give you a good workout. 
Victoria Bryant, Personal Trainer


Very satisfied. Very useful. Marty was not only knowledgeable, a good instructor, but she was funny as well. Very beneficial. I can't wait to take another seminar with her. Mariana Riveia, Personal Trainer. It went over too quick. Good information about getting back to the foundation and making the body work as one unit. Marty is the real deal, there is no doubt that Marty practices what she preaches. 
Caitlin Weels, NPTI Student


El seminario fue realmente muy bueno. I learned something new and useful. Methods for clients who want to develop power. The additional techniques for troubleshooting the kettlebell drills are very simple. This experience was very useful for my future. 

Thanks Marty, 
Michael Rodriguez Cesar, NPTI student


The information is great and what I liked the best was the Turkish Get Up. Effective work of art and amazing workout with the benefit of body awareness. The seminar was well organized and executed. 

Thanks Marty, 
Mazen Nassar, NPTI student


Great instruction. Great guidance. This seminar allowed me to understand the basics of kettlebell training as well as troubleshooting. 
Julian Vargas, NPTI student. 


As a fitness instructor, this information will help with many aspects of training such as rehab, gaining overall strength, and coordination. I will be implementing this stuff in my programs. This seminar was very beneficial to my weight training knowledge. I have been interested in kettlebells for a while; there was much more to it than I thought. This was a great in-depth way to make sure the exercises are done correctly and safely. 

Thanks Marty, 
Travis Joseph, Personal Trainer


Marty has a great teaching style and made concepts that were completely challenging to me quite easy to understand. The information was useful as it was something entirely new to me, which was what I liked the best. 
Alicia Butler, NPTI student


Marty kept the class interesting and exciting. Very informative, fun, and interactive. 
Jane Datangel, Personal Trainer

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